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Annie R. Neasman Training and Research Annex

The mission of the Annie R. Neasman Training and Research Annex is to bring together the components of training medical professionals in community healthcare, and to focus the fields of medical research and community advocacy for the advancement of healthcare in underserved communities.

Healthcare disparities and the lack of health equity are often most striking in many low-income communities. It is believed that the training of medical professionals to work in community healthcare facilities, conducting research with a focus on the diverse ethnic and cultural makeup of low income and underserved communities, and working together in concert with advocacy for these underrepresented populations will produce positive outcomes towards the goal of achieving health equity for all persons.

The Annie R. Neasman Training and Research Annex will serve as a vital tool to close this gap and serve to connect those in the medical profession with the essential tools needed to support the concerns of this community in a culturally relevant, safe and feasible manner.